Press Release

Press Release

It’s Thursday afternoon August 13th 2020. I am trying to calm myself down.  I really don’t understand why I am nervous.  I’ve been interviewed before.  I woke up this morning and did my usual morning routine. It consists of stretching, reading, journaling, meditation and a trip to the gym (also known as the Rec Wing).

At lunch I confirm the interview time… 3 pm I’m all set. I shower and get dressed in my favorite jeans and a World Ventures T-Shirt. I head to the sound studio also known as the office at the other end of the house.  This is where my interview will be broadcast live from. Still nervous I step into the studio and great the interviewer.  Brenda Gray a local Clinical Hypnotist with a 2-hour weekly Internet Radio Show “Creating Change”.  Today, she interviews me on the recent changes in my life.

Nervous, excited and honored I greet Brenda Gray, she is one of my favorite on air personalities.  She’s actually one of my favorite people in the world.  I like her so much… I married her and today is our anniversary.dsc_0027 I get mic’d up and I await my cue.  While waiting I look around her office.  Everywhere I look I see our life through her eyes.  On one wall I see a picture from our wedding.
I see another of the two of us on one of our recent hikes in the mountains.  There is another of our daughter & grandkids still others with additional family members. In one corner I see a small shot glass display with shot glasses from 24 locations we have visited. They are arranged chronologically. From 2015 I see a glass from Punta Cana. I recognize glasses from 2017 when we went to the Bahamas and Niagara Falls. From 2018 I see glasses from Zimbabwe and Rio. Next to the case is a picture of us standing in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio.

Before I get lost going down memory lane I am signaled that the interview is about to start. Suddenly I am relaxed and at ease… we begin.

Brenda: Welcome back listeners to “Creating Change” today I have a special guest with me in the studio. Her name is Kim Wells. She is a professional network marketer, International trainer & world traveler. She’s here today to tell us how she went from being stressed out, deep in debt and living paycheck to paycheck to being able to leave the 9-5 workforce, become debt free and earn 6 figures annually in her company. She may even share some insight as to how she put up with me for the last 35 years. Ladies and Gentlemen please meet my wife…  Kim Wells.

Kim: Good afternoon everyone.  I am honored to be invited to “Creating Change” I’ve been wondering how a body gets to be a guest on this show!

Brenda: Well you’ve made it so let’s get started.  Why don’t you tell the listeners a little bit about your background and how you got started in network marketing?

Kim: I was born & raised on the south side of Chicago, graduated from DeVry with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.  That led me to a 20+ year career in computer support. I signed up for the 40-40-40 plan.  I was well on my way to working 40 hrs/week for 40 years and retiring on 40% of what I was making. Let’s just say I drank the Kool-Aid and I was okay with that…mostly.

As a kid I had big dreams and throughout my work life I knew one day they would come true.  But the older I got the farther away my dreams got. By the time I was in my late 40’s the roaring fire that used to be my dreams was reduce to barely a pilot light.

I had a personal trainer at the time and her husband was a limo driver. He kept asking me to check out his travel club. I told him I would take a look… I think it was a couple of months before I actually did look and as you know once we saw it… we were sold.  We were all in product and business.

Brenda: So you jumped in with both feet and had success right away?

Kim: God no! I jumped in with both feet had minor wins and realized that it takes work to build an empire.  I quickly learned that work wasn’t the only thing needed…Network marketing is a drastic change from working a 9-5 job, I had 20+ years of cement to break through before I got it right.

Brenda: Let’s jump ahead and talk about some of the successes you have experienced.  One of your first milestones was a few years ago when you published a book. Tell us about that experience.

Kim: Yes “Lights Out” went on sale on my birthday in January 29, 2017.  It is currently one of Amazon’s top sellers in its genre. It was an amazing experience to know you have the words in you and then to realize that others were actually interested in what I had to say. For anyone that has a story in them that’s itching to get out… don’t wait. Do it now! It’s easier than you think to get it published.

Brenda: Do it now! That’s good advice.  I see here that your team has over 900 members! Wow! Can you tell our audience what was your motivation to build your team to this size?

Kim: Well first let’s be clear.  Personally I’ve sponsored only about 60 of those 900 + people, the rest I owe to the team and the power of Network Marketing.  To loosely quote the late Zig Ziglar “You get what you want if you just help enough other people get what they want” That’s the beauty of it. You aren’t alone.

My Motivation?  Pick one, Time freedom; you and I get to spend even more time together. Financial freedom, we travel the world at a moment’s notice. We earn money while we vacation and all the bills are paid. It’s downright fun and the money’s not bad… our publicly available income disclosure statement shows that your average Regional Marketing Director makes a little over 132K/year. World Ventures also takes all the RMDs on an exclusive DreamTrip that is to die for!!

All that is awesome but truly the best motivation is seeing a team member succeed.  To see them reach a new rank and walk the stage reminds me that it not about me, it’s about them and the people they know.  To see someone that is on their last leg, that has almost given up grab a hold of this concept and change their life simply because I showed someone that showed someone that showed someone that showed them… I have no words for that feeling.

Brenda: Amazing… how has this changed your approach to life?

Kim: That’s a great question. There’s a phrase that says money doesn’t buy happiness but it gives you options. Thanks to this company, some hard work and an amazing team we now have lots of options. Saying no is easier, saying yes is easier. Waking up knowing that the necessities of life are taken care of is a peaceful feeling. I’m not saying there aren’t still problems in life, Without problems there’s no growth. Without growth what’s the point.

Mainly, I think my point of view has shifted from myself to others. Whether we like to admit it or not we all tend to be a little bit self-centered, we all want to know “what’s in it for me?”. Building a successful team can only be done if your focus is on others and not just yourself. In the past my self-talk has been, “how in God’s name am I gonna fix This problem?” or “how the heck do we take care of that problem?”. Now when I wake up my thoughts are “who can I help today? or “what can I Do to help my team achieve their goals?”.

Brenda: Thank you, I’d like to tell my audience that having options is nice! Kim you recently were “Knighted”. Tell our listeners what that’s all about please.

Kim: In World Ventures our training is done by actual members, people that have been through the trenches and come out on top. When you first start to train, you train in your local market. As you advance you train in your region, then your country. When you reach the rank of Regional Marketing Director you may be selected to be an International Trainer. If you accept that honor you’re recognized on stage at one of our big events. Our Director of Training, Mark Accetta has you take a knee on stage and with an actual sword touches each shoulder and knights you into the realm of International Trainers.

It’s a huge honor. I was excited, nervous, humbled all at once! My knighting was done back in April 18, 2020. We were at United; our International Conference. There were well over 20,000 in attendance. It was mind blowing to say the least.  When you train at one of the big events the numbers are always in the 10s of thousands.  The experience is exhilarating. I am grateful to be on stage sharing my story knowing that if I reach 1 out of 20,000… it’s worth it.

Brenda: As a trainer, what is your message to members who are struggling with the business?

Kim: I tell them if you are also a member use your product, HAVE FUN! In your business, be consistent with your income producing activities. Never give up on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to every success story you hear about. We all come to this concept with different levels of expertise; from newbies to veterans. So run your OWN race, it builds character and gives you a chance to learn what you’re made of. In the words of our Dir. of Training “Pay attention, get excited, never quit!”.

Brenda: Let’s get a little more personal. How has your success affected different aspects of your life… like family & friends, spiritual, & relationship?

Kim: Friends… I’ve been blessed throughout my life to have some pretty good friends. Several of them have been there since I was a teenager and that seems like it was a lifetime ago. We’ve grown up together, lost family members together, and grew families together. I have to say that the ones that matter are still there just a phone call away. In addition to old friends, World Ventures has given me over 900 new friends and some of them will be there for the long haul.

Family, family is why I do what I do. Our daughter, our grandkids they are the eventual benefactors of all the hard work we’ve done. I have a sense of security and great happiness knowing that I’ll be leaving them a 5000 sq. ft. ranch style home to share if they choose. A thriving team that generates passive income. I also leave them with a strong work ethic of dedication and a willingness to help others and I instill in them the importance of financial stability.

Brenda: From the work ethic to the financial stability how will you pass that on to them?

Kim: work ethic, dedication, financial stability, and helping others, these are things learned by example. Our daughter’s been there with both of us since she was four years old, the grandkids all their lives. They have seen us at our worst, they have seen us struggle, and thank God they have seen us win! I urge everyone to have conversations with their children and grandchildren about money, about life, about helping others. You’d be surprised how much they actually listen, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Brenda: Thank you for clarifying that. Please continue with the spiritual and relationship aspects.

Kim: Spiritual, I don’t consider myself a religious person. But I do follow spiritual teachings. I’ve been a Universalist Unitarian since 2004. I’m still a member of my church back home and I tithe 15% pretax to them each month. I do it because the people there are special to me. It’s a small church with one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen. I do it because they helped me when I needed help. They helped me when I asked but more importantly they helped me when I didn’t ask. I always gave as much as I could but I always want to give more.

Relationship I assume you mean with you! Back in the day when we were both working and making reasonable money for someone with a 9-5; we were blessed and happy. When the economy took a dive back in 08 we were still blessed we were still happy, things were tight. Things got tighter…we held on to each other tighter. We were determined to succeed.  There is joy in knowing that we never fought over money or the lack of money.  I love the fact that we don’t fight.  We always knew that we wanted more out of life and we wanted it together. Now we continue to be blessed and happy…with options!

Brenda: Looks like success has touched many aspects of your life. What are some of the personal wins that you have achieved?

Kim: Some of my personal wins… The biggest one would have to be my health. I’m 150 pounds lighter. My blood pressure is normal more often than not. I feel 20 years younger because I can move again and it is easy. I started exercising in early 2017. I ride the exercise bike and walk on the treadmill at least three times a week. I also cut my TV time in half. I get even more exercise because I’m more active. My stress level is WAY down thanks to techniques I learned in the Master Key System, meditation and hypnosis.  (If you are interested in hypnosis… I know a lady!)

I’ve always been a fan of metaphysics; back in 2015 I started studying it. I fell in love with it, but I wasn’t personally developed enough to finish what I started. I’m studying it again now with an opportunity to help others by introducing them to it. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that helping doesn’t always require money. Sometimes a smile, a few kind words, listening or just being there is help enough.

Brenda: We’re getting close to the end. Please tell the audience what you have planned for the future.

Kim: The future, the next couple of years in the future or 24 hours in the future?

BrendaHow about both?

Kim: The next couple of years; well I’m currently a Regional Marketing Director next is National Marketing Director then the top ranking the company is International Marketing Director. At that point the company is awesome enough to allow me to do it all again!

As for the next 24 hours, let’s go for a mountain hike tomorrow but the remainder of the day… I’ve got a few things to finish up and then get ready for a hot date with my favorite girl to celebrate our 35th anniversary. The cleaning service finished cleaning the pool house today and the retractable roof has been installed. If I’m lucky there might be a late night couples swim under the stars in my future.

Brenda: Well audience… I guess that’s all the time we have… Keep Creating Change! See you next week!