About Kim

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you who I am. So here goes.

us    My name is Kim C . Wells, I’m the one on the right. At the time of this writing ummm make that typing, I am 54 years old, happily married to the one on the left. and seeking to discover who I can truly become.  I have had dreams fulfilled but if you are lucky there are always more dreams to reach for. We’ve got a pretty awesome daughter and I am a grandmother of two awesome young humans…(at least I think they are human)

In my lifetime I have held titles like Network Marketer, Computer Geek, student of metaphysics, martial artist, biker, Toastmaster,Granny Kim and long ago a bodybuilder. I enjoy people.  Entertaining people, laughing with, helping and loving people.  Little people, big people, Young and Old people.  I’ve learned we are all connected… we are all one. I like that.