Week 20 – If Not Now, When?

Hello Readers.

For the month of February we have been reading Scroll V in Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” The message of this scroll is presented to us in the first line: “I will live this day as if it is my last.” You hear this statement frequently perhaps you’ve even said it. Do you actually follow through with it? Sadly for most of us the answer is “no”.  I know that I have had that recording playing in my head saying “Tomorrow… I take care of it tomorrow”.  As this class progresses there is a new recording that plays in my head. It says “Do It Now!” Sometimes it even drowns out the old recording!

My mind entertains the idea of how I live my day more than is ever has before.  Perhaps because I’m reading it each day or it could be the fact that I recently celebrated my 55th birthday and I realized that I might have fewer days ahead than behind (or not).  Recently I find myself thinking “what did I accomplish today?”. If it’s gonna be my last day I want it to be… happy, adventuros, exciting, peaceful, loving, successful, productive, all of the above! (Hummm If I manage all of that in one day my cause of death may be exhaustion!)

The lesson I get from reading this scroll is to focus on today, focus on NOW.  It really is all we have. We can look back at yesterday and remember it with a smile or a tear.   We can’t live there no matter how hard we try and just to be clear… we shouldn’t try.  Attempting to recapture that feeling you had some yesterdays ago is an exercise in futility.  You are a different person today. You feel different, you think different, you may even look different, you ARE different. You may find that feelings that fit like an old comfy pair of shoes in the past may be too confining today.   When we focus on the past too much we miss the miracles that happen today.

The same is true when we only focus on tomorrow. I believe that tomorrow is an exercise in patience. You spend time planning for it, then now intervenes and changes your plans.  Today you can carry hope for tomorrow in your heart, but make sure that you leave room for all that is today, all that is now.  Tomorrow is filled with maybes some good some bad but none of them are guaranteed to transpire.

So strive to live this day as if it is your last. Focus on the now. Smell a flower. Listen to a baby laugh and allow yourself to get caught up in the sound of perfect innocence. Experience the serenity of a sunrise. Tell family and friends that you love them. Make a new friend. Reconnect with an old one.  Welcome the day and thank the night.  Do one thing that makes you uncomfortable. Learn something new. Smile!  If today turns out not to be your last… be grateful and do it all again.

Below is one price paid for not focusing on now.

3 thoughts on “Week 20 – If Not Now, When?

  1. Thanks for sharing your strength amid the struggles. Thanks for the video. I’m a few years ahead of you (counting in years) on life’s journey and I really liked the song. You were spot on.


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