Week 19 – When in doubt, punt??



“In seeking truth, we are seeking ultimate cause; we know that every human experience is an effect; then if we may ascertain the cause, and if we shall find that this cause is one which we can consciously control, the effect or experience will be within our control also.

Human experience will then no longer be the football of fate, a man will not be the child of fortune, but destiny. Fate and fortune will be controlled as readily as a captain controls his ship, or an engineer his train.” – George Haanel Master Key 19-2 & 19-3

Hello readers!

I hope this week finds you well. When I read the quote above it sounded like a cry to live your life by design and not by default. When you live life by default your experiences are governed by that which is either unknown to you or that which out of your control.  Each day may be spent thinking “I wonder what’s gonna happen to me today?”. Always going with the flow could lead to flowing off a cliff.


Perhaps one is born into a life of fortune; with everything laid out for them, never wanting or needing.  These seemingly blessed souls can also live life by default.  I ask where is the control, where is the spice, the motivation to grow. Unless the desire to do more, have more, and be more exists within…even those with plenty can compare their lives to the football of fate. They to can spend their days feeling as if they are constantly being kicked and passed around, constantly shifting from one direction to another!

I have lived my life by default. It hasn’t been all bad. There have been some amazing times that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  There have also been some times that I almost wish had never happened. I say almost because I know that life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows and that the experience of life consists of ups and down.  It’s what we do with the ups and downs that define our character.

I learned that a few years back. Oh I had heard it all before but it took time to get through my years of living by default just to really hear it.  Each one of those downs, each thing that doesn’t go the way we want is a checkpoint. At each checkpoint you decide.  You decide if you are going to punt or pass.  Each day is an opportunity to learn and grow. Each time we grow we put more tools in our toolbox. The more tools we have the more options available to us.  We can choose the experiences we desire.  We learn that… …if I do b happens! We learn the cause and the effect.  We have found that truth.  If we can control the cause we can control the outcome.


Now while some things are still by default, I know that I have to ability to create my destiny.  I’m getting better at seeking the truth in life.  Each day I add another tool to my toolbox and grant myself more options. The more I know, the more I grow.  I spend my days reviewing the playbook of life and deciding if I should punt or pass… oh wait there’s a new option… I think I’ll keep the ball and dive into the end zone!



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