Week 17HJ – The Hero’s Journey – Mental Roller Coaster

be-the-heroDamn the Mirror.  It’s being held up yet again.  Time to ask and answer the hard questions. Many of us go through life day by day thinking we have this life thing figured out. Then unexpectedly something happens and we are called upon to step outside of our daily routine and pick up the gauntlet for some worthy or necessary cause.

Our initial reaction is sometimes to question our knowledge of or ability to complete the task at hand. Other times answering the call means giving up some part of our lives or ourselves that we are not ready or yet able to relinquish. Being creatures of habit change is hard.  There is comfort in sameness.  There is also boredom is sameness, there is stagnation in sameness.

As humans we tend to be walking contradictions; wanting more out of life but frequently hesitant to implement the change(s) that will give us more. Tired of the same routine but so programmed by our blueprint, so entrenched in our ways that we don’t believe change is even an option let alone an option we are capable of executing. This same type of scenario plays out in movies every day.

The story opens with the star; our hero or heroine living a life of normality.  They are presented with a problem that only they can solve.  For a multitude of reasons the star is in denial about their ability to fix or the insistence that they are the answer to said problem. Attempting to ignore the situation proves a futile effort as something catastrophic forces our star to leap into action and step into their heroic role.

While life is rarely as dramatic and scripted as the Movie of the Week, the message is the same.  We frequently face obstacles in our life that we have the power to overcome.  Even when we doubt our abilities; that power still remains. As humans go we continually wage inner battles with ourselves.  “I can do this…no I can’t, sure I can… I think…Maybe” this kind of mental roller coaster runs all the time.  In the Movies it always gets wrapped up nicely with a bow and our star rides off into the sunset or some such nonsense




In real life… the back & forth battle does not always end so neatly.  If we choose to we can write the chapters in our lives.  We make the decision whether to walk the hero’s journey or decide to live life by default.  We must remember that even no action is an action however indirect. So don’t curse the mirror.  Embrace it and play through the alternative endings on the DVD of life and decide if yours the the journey of the average human or that of the hero.



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