Week 9 – Reflect & Review

Wow hard to believe we are in Week 9 already.  We have a break coming up so this is a great time to reflect & review.

This week I’ve been thinking about all I’ve learned, the changes I see in myself and the changes seen by others.  When I was introduced to the Master Key System I had NO CLUE what I was about to do. I mean I had a basic idea but you really don’t get it until you are in it. When you take the dive… it is amazing!

reflectionLet’s Reflect

Upon being introduced to Master Key my biggest concern was would I have a space in the class.  Part of me couldn’t understand why I was so engaged in something that was so new.  I can only say that I felt drawn to it.  I felt and still feel like I need this and I belong here.

Now that I’m here OMG it’s a lot of work.  That’s okay because it’s good work.  It causes me to think deeper, more thoroughly. I look within and learn more about myself every day. Call it a journey of self discovery.  If I’m lucky the journey never ends.

I’m better at completing tasks.  Not perfect, but definitely better!

Let’s Review

Some random things I’ve learned along the way.

I am forming new habits (good ones 🙂 )

I am leaving some old habits behind.

What I create in the world within is manifested in the world without.

I have LOTS of love in my heart and I can greet each day expressing that love If I choose to.

Haanel was a difficult read for me in the beginning.  It is much better now, dare I say enjoyable (thanks Davene!)

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy – Frederick Andrews


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