Week 8 – Power of our Words

This week’s Master Key lesson  started out by introducing an exercise to remind us to look at things differently.  The task was the following:

Given the following – 8, 11, 15, 5, 4, 14, 7, 6, 10, 13, 3, 12, 2  Determine where 9, 1 fit in. 

(Think on that one for a while – answer will be revealed later.)

It got me to thinking how one major function this class course is to inspire us to think differently. I thought about my old blueprint and the new blueprint I am developing. A major difference is the words we use. With the correct words we can speak success into our lives.  The wrong words can invite failure.  The choice is ours…

Personally, I will be very excited when I can notice my negative self talk BEFORE I’ve actually said it. That being said I must say that I am improving.  I AM noticing. (gotta start somewhere!) At one point it might have taken a couple of hours for me to realize how a statement may have been negative.  I am thrilled to report that hours have been reduced to less than 30 minutes.  I now look at my self-talk differently.

power-of-wordsSo my choice is to keep a vigilant watch for words that do not speak life into my dreams and goals; to slow down and think before speaking in order to reduce the chance of negative talk. By choosing to speak from my heart I take power over my words.

Now for my readers that are not part of the Master Key.

Look at the numbers and they way they are arranged. No obvious pattern emerges.  Now look differently… spell each number. (Ah Ha!!!!)


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