Week 5 – Laying it All Out

The journey continues.  It’s week 5 and I have been charged with converting my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) max 400 words; into a full blown, no word limit, interview style Press Release.  I assumed it would be an easy task.  I now see that I was mistaken.

It is challenging to say the least. It is easy enough to state what you want to do in the future… easier still to write it in present tense. What is hard is putting it in past tense and imagining how each event “felt”. To remember how something felt is sometimes as simple as reviewing the chain of events, what you were doing, where you were, who you were with, what time of year was it etc. etc. So it seems that all I have to do is reverse engineer the process of remembering in order to express future feelings in past tense.  Riiiiiiiiiggghhhtt!! No problem!

I’ve been in network marketing for several years.  I’ve learned over & over to “visualize what you want”, “start with the end in mind” and other similar lessons.  For reasons unknown to me… I never REALLY did it.  Oh I told myself I didn’t need to write it down because I thought about it frequently, imagined a moment or two, pondered what I would wear when I took the stage to train, hell I’ve gone so far as to pick out my entry song!

handHaving never put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard in this case) I realize that I cheated myself.  I can tell you now… all the things I imagined, said and pondered combined are worth about one sentence of my press release. After starting the press release and laying it all out I now understand the power of writing it down.  The experience is eye opening to say the least. Putting your story in print makes it look & feel real… putting it in past tense makes it look possible; actually it’s starting to look like a done deal!

I always believed that I could see myself succeeding in my company but I never realized how cloudy that picture was until my words cleared the fog away.  Well back to work… I can’t wait to see how it ends! 🙂



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