Week 3 – Will I Will or Will I Won’t?

This week I learned the power of a word… or more aptly stated the power of eliminating a word.  This week we were instructed to cross out the word “will” in first scroll of Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.  The first task was to cross them out and then determine how to read the sentence going forward; do I add one or more words?? Do I remove one or more words? Eliminating the word “will” lends extreme power to a statement.  It changes a statement from a positive expectation to a statement of present tense certainty.

When you say “I will eliminate hatred” your subconscious hears “ok one day in the future hatred gets eliminated”; but when it hears “I eliminate hatred” it jumps to attention and figures out how to help you eliminate hatred.  Reading a statement with “will” removed turns that statement into a catalyst for action.

I thought it interesting how quickly my mind got used to reading over and around the word “will“. It’s as if my mind prefers the positive present rather than the possible future.   I think back to when I was a kid being told to do something that I really had no desire to do… my response? You guessed it… “I will!” 50% of the time I didn’t.  At least not until I was told again. It seems like “will” doesn’t carry much power with my old blueprint

My new blueprint is learning to throw out what isn’t needed and fill the space with that which is positive, that which is certain and that which allows me to grow and reach my goals.  If you haven’t already go ahead give it a try, then comment below and share how it went. What did you feel? I’m sure inspiration is just around the corner.


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