Week 2 -Peeking out the door

peeking-1Sometimes I feel like I’m peeking out the door sampling what my life could be. Once upon a time BPD (Before Personal Development) I never gave much thought to the future beyond the thought that “someday I’m gonna…” At some point I started realizing that “someday” didn’t just happen! I started to think that the dreams I had weren’t ever going to be fulfilled. The roaring flame that was my dreams dwindled down to barely a pilot light.  I almost gave in to believing that life consisted of going to work.. coming home.. a little family time which usually consisted of making sure we got ready to go to work! Not an amazing existence, but I had the basic necessities and I had Love I could settle if I had to.

I remember being seeing infomercials promising to “change your life”, “make all your dreams come true” etc. A part of me wanted to believe what they said but the programming from my Great Grand parents; (they were both born in the late 1800’s I think they handed down the original DOS code!) said it was a scam, don’t believe everything you see.  So I changed the channel.  As I grew older I was blessed enough to truly enjoy the work I did. It came with “reasonable” salary and a sense of accomplishment and knowing that I was part of something bigger.  I later learned that the something bigger was the building of other people’s dreams while my own lay slowly fading away.

After some years of being the good little employee, after burning out and not knowing how to improve my situation I discovered Network Marketing and with it came this amazing thing called Personal Development.  I jumped in head first and haven’t looked back in 5 years. Today I find myself part of the Master Key System.  I joined after a very brief conversation with someone I had known for less than 24 hours.  Today I find myself almost 3 weeks in and enjoying myself and learning.  A little concerned that I was doing the right thing because I am rarely that impulsive! Then just yesterday I discovered that a friend’s husband was also a student about 2 years ago.  He had a great experience and was “All In”.  While this knowledge has not altered my decision or my dedication its nice to know someone who has gone through the tunnel and come out the other side better than when they went in.

Today I’m learning to form new habits to replace the old bad ones I’ve been holding on to.

Today I find myself standing at the door again peeking out seeing what my life could be.

Today I’m make the decision to step through the door and embrace what I decide to make of my life!peeking-2

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.” Unknown

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