Week 1 – Put one foot in front of the other

Whew… made it through the first Master Key Class.  Talk about information overload! Luckily they seem to be very organized… I was able to locate everything I needed.  The workbook tells me exactly what I need to have done by next week.

Now… getting it done… day one: life has jumped in the way and by the time I get home I’ll be 2.5 hours short…but I have chosen not to panic.  I have time. I made a promise to myself to take this journey and this is just a small detour on the road.

I think one of my biggest challenges is converting from digital to analog.  I am a computer geek by day so it’s not unusual for me to be surrounded by multiple electronics all day long.  (I actually like people too :)). I can see it now… I’ll have a reminder in my phone that reminds me to look at the paper calendar!  I’m told that there is hope for me!

As the week progresses I’ve learned that my schedule is fluid at best.  I know all of the tasks that must be done each day… and it goes well… until I get off work.  Unfortunately, not much gets done until after work.  I have attempted to work on blog entries or discussion boards during the day but that pesky job keeps getting in the way.  After hours… grocery shopping, car trouble, sun spots… you name it, life happens. So you get up a little earlier, go to bed a little later.  If it matters, you get it done.

On the upside… I haven’t watched as much TV as I usually do. That’s got to be a good thing, right??  Supposedly in 3-4 weeks I will find myself with more time… I’m really looking forward to that.  I wait with bated breath!


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